Our Vision

What will it take?

Without investing in a solution, the Fredericksburg region will continue to expend more resources managing people living on the street. Homelessness puts an increasing burden on the city’s health care system, criminal justice system, public works maintenance and business development efforts. A holistic approach like Jeremiah Community will play a critical role in alleviating these burdens by supporting our most vulnerable neighbors.

Because this kind of development is unprecedented in this community, it will take a village in the form of:

  • local buy-in and ownership
  • site identification / selection and feasibility research
  • potential zoning regulation modifications
  • cost benefit data
  • funding sources from public-private partnerships, grants, subsidies, loans, tenant rent, etc.
  • sponsors and allies

There are also countless ways this project aligns with and supports the goals of many comprehensive plans in the region. It addresses affordable housing, supportive services for people with disabilities and other quality of life and economic challenges.


Funds will be needed for acquisition, development and operation of a Jeremiah Community. The goal is to remain as privately funded as possible, but leverage public dollars when appropriate and not influential of mission. Initial funds for acquisition and development are expected to come from major private donors and churches that commit to pay for individual homes. Some state/federal resources could be useful in acquisition and development (I.e. tax credits, state and national housing trust funds, HOME funds and CDBG), while other grants and funding sources will best assist with operations (i.e. HUD funds, Virginia Homeless Solutions Grant, Section 8 Vouchers). Loans may be necessary if other sources do not cover costs in full. Rent paid by tenants, financial assistance subsidies, grants and fundraising will cover operating costs. Micah already receives substantial grant funds for housing-related programs, which would also support this community.

Join our mission. Volunteer, Donate, Advocate. 

Let’s build a home for our neighbors.

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